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The Dark Fae Trilogy

With the unique ability to see pixies, trolls, and Fae comes danger. And Serafina Richards is about to learn just how much. 

Off to college with her best friend, Sera can’t wait to embark on new adventures, but she never expected one of them would involve her being stolen away by Fae sentries. 

Upon arriving in Fae territory, she learns her fate isn’t to become a nurse, as she had always dreamed, but rather to compete against twenty-three other women in a contest full of untold danger and high-risk tasks. 

She can return to Earth and a normal life if she completes the contest victorious, but dangerous forests, life-threatening obstacles, and soul-sucking monsters are the least of Sera’s worries. The Seelie Prince and Unseelie King have taken an interest in her, and it’s marked her as enemy number one to her fellow contestants.

Fans of Bella Forrest and Faith Hunter will be glued to the pages as they read to find out if Sera will finish the contest…or be stuck in the Fae Realm forever in STOLEN BY DARKNESS by USA Today bestselling author Samantha Britt.

The Dark Fae Trilogy: Text
Running from Darkness: Prequel
Stolen by Darkness: Book 1
Marked by Darkness - Book 2
Queen of Darkness - Book 3
The Dark Fae Trilogy: Gallery
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