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Shadowguard Academy

In nomine maius bonum... In the name of the greater good.

That's the motto for St. Michael's Academy, the illustrious and renowned school for future Guardians. Demons roam the earth, terrorizing humans, and it's up to the Shadowguard to stop them.

My name is Aspen Van Der Klay. I grew up ignorant of the real world. My mom hid the truth from me, but her death spurred a series of events which landed me right in the middle of Shadowguard Society.

Now, I'm determined to be the best Guardian this world has ever seen. I won't let anything stop me. Not the uppity elites, not my bigoted instructors, and certainly not my disapproving mentor who is just as likely to make my heart race as my blood boil.

When Guardians start to go missing, it’s up to the Shadowguard to figure out what is happening before it’s too late. Our numbers are dwindling, and we can't afford to let the demons discover our weakness. There’s a great threat on the horizon, and I fear Guardians might not have what it takes to stop it.

Fans of Vampire Academy and Shadow Hunters will devour this newest series by USAT Bestselling author Samantha Britt.

*This book is intended for readers 16 years of age or older. Demon Guard contains aspects of violence, foul language, and romance.

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