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Immortal Chronicles

Almost every civilization believed in immortal beings and worshiped them as gods. Little did we know, our ancestors were right…

Darcie Abernathy leads an unusual life. At seventeen, she spent the past two years living abroad while her father studied ancient cultures throughout the Mediterranean. Monotonous days filled with dusty libraries made her count the days until she returned to Maine.

Finally back at her childhood home, Darcie is eager to reconnect with friends and prepare for her future. Normalcy ends the moment she runs in to them... The Immortals.

Mistaken as the soulmate of an immortal, Darcie is taken from her home and thrown into a world of intrigue and rebellion. Forced to remain under the protection of her abductors or risk being killed by their enemies, Darcie learns of mythical beings, supernatural creatures, and centuries old conflicts while the rest of the mortal world is left in the dark.

Discover the bestselling series and enter the world of The Immortal Chronicles today!

Immortal Chronicles: Text
Enticed - Prequel
Enlightened - Book 1
Ensnared - Book 2
Envisioned - Book 3
Enraptured - Book 4
Endured - Gregory's Story
Envied - Thane's Story
Immortal Chronicles: Gallery
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