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Curse of the Draekon

"The Selection meets Hunger Games with dragons and elves!" ★★★★★

"New epic fantasy that is absolutely spellbinding!" ★★★★★

"When beauty and knowledge are double-edged weapons." ★★★★★


Draekon conquered the human continent more than one thousand years ago. The powerful creatures are superior to their human subjects in every way, and they don't attempt to hide it. 

Lissa Allaway is a healer in Caldiri, the poorest region in the continent. When she is recruited to the capital to serve the dominant beings, she is forced to reconsider what she thinks she knows about the beasts. 

Are they truly the monsters from Lissa's childhood stories? 

Or was she misled about the draekon? 

Lissa is determined to get answers. But with the threat of a rebellion hanging overhead, she must tread carefully or risk incurring the wrath of the handsome, but deadly, prince. 

Discover the world of The Draekon Kingdom in Chosen: Curse of the Draekon Book One. 

Curse of the Draekon: Text
Chosen - Curse of the Draekon Book One
Possession - Curse of the Draekon Book Two
Freed - Curse of the Draekon Book Three
Curse of the Draekon: Gallery
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