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The Dual Court Series

A Fae Romance

Twenty-three-year-old Gwen Longe has her life planned out. She’s overcome obstacles most people cannot even imagine, let alone conquer and find themselves successfully completing their first year of medical school. Home to visit her foster brother and best friends for the summer, Gwen is eager for what she views as a stress-free vacation from her wonderful, but hectic, life.

All notions of relaxation are swept away when a handsome stranger walks into her life and reveals a world she never knew existed. Kalan exposes certain realities and brings Gwen to a world where her safety is threatened by her mere existence. Can she learn the truths of her past while keeping her identity a secret? Or will she be discovered and spark a centuries old war to resume?

A story of love and tragedy through two generations, Will of Fate is a fantasy romance sure to cause elation and despair all while revealing a magical world where the fate of many rest on the shoulders of two.

Dual Court Series (A Fae Romance): Text
Will of Fate - Book 1
Work of Fate - Book 2
Waiting for Fate - Book 3
Dual Court Series (A Fae Romance): Gallery
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