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The Alpha Games

A competition where shifters from all over North America compete to see who will be named the leaders of our race.

No female has ever competed... until me.

As the alpha heir, it is my duty to represent my pack members in the infamous Alpha Games. For one week, I will be matched up against the best of the best from rival packs, determined to show my worth and finally earn the respect a future alpha deserves.

The games change when the mysterious and elusive Wilds Pack joins the competition. No one has seen them in decades. Their involvement shouldn't affect my plans, but the broody, dark-haired leader gets under my skin like no one I've ever met.

Whatever. I refuse to let him distract me.

I must leave my mark in the Alpha Games... my future depends on it.

Midnight Moon is the first installment in the Alpha Games Trilogy.

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Midnight Moon
Challenged Mate
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